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Anyone who is coming to our test and tune meeting needs to have paid there entry fee by August 23rd.

Payment needs to be sent via PayPal to earccnorwich@yahoo.co.uk please send the money friends and family (if you don't have PayPal please message us) and include;

Ability (0-100, 0 total novice, 100 racing God! )

This will allow us to get everyone booked in and sorted into heats with cars and drivers of similar speed and ability.


Couple of Pictures from the new hall.



Because of changes at the hall we are no longer able to use it so have had to find a new venue.  We are now going to be racing at Easton and Otley college Sports Hall, this hall is a massive 38mx18m which means not only can we roll our carpet out to its full 30m length but there is scope for expansion in the future. The hall has full ramp access so should be no issues for anyone needing wheelchair access. Its bright and has easy access from the A47 with ample parking and no need to be let in through a gate.  We hope to see you all there at our 1st meeting in it on May 5th. Times have also changed and racing  is now from 8.30am til 13.00.  There will be events shared on our facebook page with more details so please follow us.

We have now taken delivery of 30m x 12m of ETS Black racing carpet which is the same as the big UK race metings so ideal to practise on to get ready for a big meeting.

Ride height will now be checked to ensure that the carpet is not damaged, 5mm for touring car s and 3mm for 12th and gt12 cars.

Any buggies that are planning to run need to be running some form of slick tyre or carpet tyre like Schumacher Cactus so to not damage carpet, and need some form of shock tower cover on them.

Please can everyone make sure they renew their BRCA Membership for 2019. This means that members will be required to  join the BRCA, a BRCA license means you can race at all the big race meetings such as Rugracers, EWS, Schumacher BTCC etc as all require you to be a member to enter.  The cost is £20 and is paid to the BRCA or we can sort it out for you. 


We will be charging a yearly club membership fee of £15 to help cover things such as tape, transponder repairs, new track marking etc.

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Latest News

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